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September 27, 2009


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interesting points. i find this country is a place of convenience...so much that people have become too lazy to find better foods for themselves and their health requirements. for every fit person that walks around there is another 5 unfit persons to match that...oddly enough i find myself wondering why when i visit the docs office or hospital why there are so many out of shape..over weight nurses...

Thanks for the article. Very nice. We are all better off when we do not lazily follow the latest food craze (even if that craze happens to be grass-fed or organic) on blind faith. When we make conscious, well-thought-out choices about what we eat, when we understand where what we eat comes from and what it contains, and ultimately, whether or not it is actually food, then, we are not just eating. We are making a choice, and therein lies the power.

Wow! How eloquent and straight shoot'n. I love this piece. Nuff said.

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